For Groups of 8 guests or more Bonita Bonita’s popular banquet menu is required. All food is served in a sharing style with a variety of all our favourites and classics. Please note that modifications are available to suit all dietary requirements including vegetarians, vegans and gluten free. Bonita Bonita can accommodate groups of up to 20 people and a security is required at time of booking. We require 24hrs notice of any major changes to your booking including cancellations. This popular menu is also available for smaller table sizes of 2 guests or more.


Feed My Belly


Dip + Corn Tortillas / Grilled Corn /

Daily Tostada / Quatro Queso Quesadilla /

Spiced Chicken Wings / Cauliflower Ensalada /

Choice from Classic Tacos (1pp)


Pimp My Belly

Choose any additional dish


 Chimmichanga / Empanada /

Salmon Skewer / Scallop / Pork Belly